Appetizers / Desserts

For a fun & unique party, what could
be better than a “grazing buffet” loaded with
bite-sized, tasty morsels of meats, cheeses,
fruits, vegetables or pastries.  Whether you call
them hors d’oeuvres, canapés, antipasti, tapas,
zakusi (that’s Russian), meze (Middle Eastern) or
just plain snacks, appetizers are the quintessential
comfort food.

Let Rockman’s Catering prepare a few classic selections
for before your dinner or, what the heck, let us make a
whole taste-tempting array as your dinner.  Check out the
menus below or call us and have us create something
really special.

Oh yeah, don’t forget dessert!

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Appetizers - Classic Cold Stuff
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Stevens Point & Plover, Wisconsin